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days. president obama ordered his national security team to assess the operations taken by egypt's military which could affect aid. >> experts say it doesn't buy as much influence as it used to. >> we started to put pressure on the egyptian interim government and what happened? saudi arabia said they were going to fund this. this is a message to washington. be careful when you fight with the muslim brotherhood, you may lose half of the region. >> israel and others are pressing the obama administration not to cut off aid to egypt. some say america's national security interests in egypt are trumping our support for human rights and democracy. unfortunately, our options are reduced at this point. few in egypt are going to keep u.s. interests safe. >> president obama and family back to washington on sunday as the u.s. moves on to the next military aid question, whether to stop an apache helicopter delivery scheduled for next month. >> the violence in egypt has also sparked residents in chicago to rally outside the egyptian consulate there. protesters are calling on president obama to
u.s. navy ships are moving closer to the coast of syria. president obama says this is a big event of grave concern but the president then adds we need to act deliberately. >> what we've seen is that folks will call for immediate action jumping into stuff that does not turn out well. gets us mired in very difficult situations. >> senator corker, how much proof does president obama need, and if he decide that bashir el assad used chemical weapons on a large scale against his people, what should he do? >> chris, the amount of social media coming out of syria indicates this is not something where opposition forces have contrived something. i think it's very evident that regime has acted in this way. i do think it's always good to be cautious, but my sense is that this has happened. i think we will respond in a surgical way. i hope the president, soon as we get back to washington, will ask for authorization from congress to do something at a very surgical and proportional way. something that gets their attention, that causes them to understand we are not going to put up with this kind
day of the march. president obama is going to deliver a speech from the memorial. >> aaa mid-atlantic is warning marchers to be aware of their surrounding. don't fall asleep on the metro. carry electronic devices in your front pocket. avoid using electronics on the platform and don't leave valuables in your car. we have more on myfoxdc.com. >> before saturday's march on washington events got started, there was big drama between some of the city's top leaders. it happened at a d.c. statehood movement rally. as john henrehan reports, the organizers did not want former mayor barry to speak at the event. our cameras captured the controversy. >> 500 people gathered at the d.c. memorial to push for statehood. >> we must no longer see the city that hosts the marches. but whose denial of our rights are ignored by the marches. >> delegate owner may have voted in congressional committee has no votes on the house and no votes in the senate. city residents pay district taxes. >> we need to tell our friends and families across this nation and other states about our city's plight. >> organ
sends vice president joe biden's son to the hospital. someone owes obama several hundred bucks over the past few years. when it is the president, you might need to pay him. >> off to our west and down to south there are storms, lightning, heavy rain and wind gusts. i'll let you know if we need to keep an eye on the forecast. scott, what are you working on in sports? >> who practiced and who didn't and latest on kirk cousins. robert griffin iii and mike shanahan says who gets the final say.  >> son of vice president joe biden's son was hospitalized. state of massachusetts owes president obama a little bit of money. president will receive more than $300 for two cable tv refund checks. checks cut back in may 2009 from maryland cable account. state treasure's office and guesses it goes back to when president obama was a senator. rare honor for d.c.'s police chief, coming up, chief cathy lanier lays a wreath at the tomb of the unknown. >> a rare honor for d.c.'s police chief cathy lanier took part in a rare ceremony at tomb of the unknown. >> reporter: on this
you burb glid piles of death. president obama on a cross country push to promote a plan he says will make college more affordable. also in the headlines a bug in i your computer is a minor problem but it's a bigger deal when itni happens on the stock market. m the latest yesterday when we whe come back.  >> make headlines in the h financial world some kind of computer glitch halted trading on nasdaq yesterday afternoon.o. trillions of dollars in trades were held up for three hours. you can see where activity flatlined until a half hour before the closing bell. you may remember this is not the first time. this reminded many of the crash in 2010 and the ipo of facebook. the dow added 66 to break a six-day losing streak and the nasdaq closed up 39 points. the s&p gained 14 and today investors are hoping for encouraging news on the housing market. the commerce department is setse to release data on the home h sales for july at 10:00 this morning. president obama calling for a new ratingca system for colleges a way to cut costs. >> he is continuing his bus tour
and what caused the t men to land. president obama back from vacation. we'll find out how he spent the last four hours of downtown before he returned to the white house. time now is 4:37. ♪ ♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit hungry ♪ ♪ and there's nothing good for me around ♪ ♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit tired ♪ ♪ of craving something that i can't have ♪ ♪ turn around barbara ♪ i finally found the right snack ♪ ♪ ♪ i finally found the right snack ♪ 90-calorie fiber one lemon bar. >> back now. an ambush of too many buss in egypt todayoo has killed 25 off duty policemen. this comes after three members of muslim brotherhood were w killed sunday as they were transferred to a prison. p not sure what happened but they died while they tried to escape. besides it was relatively guy net cairo compared to last week. members of congress are split over whether the u.s. should cut off military aid to egypt and the european union is decided to meet on aide. aid >> president obama is back to the white house after a week lon
fighter jets during his vacation last week obama canceled joint military exercises with egypt. >> the review of a safetiance needs talks about appropriations in this fiscal year and the next begin nothing october. other countries including saudi arabia have indicated they will replace lost u.s. aid. in washington. fox news. >> iraqi war veteran accused of killing a navy seal sniper has been arraigned. shot and killed chris kyle and another man at a texas gun range. suffering from dtp to the range for therapy. the 25 year old held on 3 million dollars bond. army sergeant will face the victim's families. jury selection began for report bails. bails admitted to killing 16 afghan villagers mostly women and children. boys who survived will take the stand. >> news alert oust georgia a gun man armed fired shots in an elementary school. happened in deicature outside of atlanta the suspect got in the school following someone authorized to be there. fired a shot in the air. school was put on lock down. no one was hurt they were reunited with their relieved parents. >> been a lot on
to have a perfect season got a white house celebration 40 years later. obama hosted the miami dolphins today much the year the dolphins won the superbowl nixon was dealing with that old watergate scandal much the white house honest org wing sport's teams was less of a tradition then than now. never too late to get an invite from the white house. >> an event that was supposed to be about veterans turned a q & a session with bob mc donald wait until you here his testy response. >> they are worth millions who tops the list of the 50 wealthiest law makers on capital hill. >> ordinance of an apartment building spark outrage after telling low income renters they can not use the same entrance as higher income owners. we will be right back. >> fox 5 joins us with the story tom? >> there is about no place gochor mc donald can go without hammered with questions about the gift scandal that was the case today in fairfax the governormented talk about hieshing veterans he flashed a sharp response to reporters who wanted him to talk about his legal trouble. >> peppered by ethic questions over his
of the victims. >> demonstrators call on obama administration and internationai community to take action against syria. >> the problem is, the longer president obama takes the act or do something more extremists will come into my country and more people will ruin my countrn and the longer assad and regime in this china have to destroy my country. >> so action needs to be taken now. >>> the death toll in theh to attacks is estimated to grow in the next several days. >> the incident prompted an emergency meeting of the u.n. security council. >>> amid the crisisse in egypt hosni mubarak released from jail. a medical helicopter left the jail and took mubarak to a military hospital in cairo. >> it is expected he will be placed under house arrest. it is clear that mubarak is free after two years in detention. >> egypt is going through aville transition after ouster offter president morsi last month. >> the edge on virginia where a jury is now deliberating in thei vanessa pham murder trial.. >> julio blanco-garcia is charged with first-degree murdes fort- the stabbing of the on deh 19 years ago. >>> la
president obama and read part of the statement a from manning after the sentencing. >> it was not until i was in iraq and reading secret military ports on a daily basis that i questioned the morality of what we were doing. it was at this time i realizede the efforts efforts to meet thek posed by the enemy we've forgotten our humanity. hum >> the judge said man willing be dishonorably discharged. we'll be reduced and ranked to private and has to give up all of his pay. closing arguments expected to begin today in the trial of army psychiatrist charged with a deadly 2009 shooting in fort hood. acting as his own lawyer he rested his case without any witnesses of his own. he did tell the judge that that provoked attack. he's facing a possible death sentence if convicted.vict >> newly declassified documents confirm the n.s.a. has been spying on americans and it was not related to terrorism. previously they show that they collected 56,000 domestic e-mails a year for several years leading up to 2011. that's when the intelligence agency reversed the methods for collecting datal. some of this info
soil calling on president obama to stay off the foreign soil tonight outside of the white house. >> war in syria is going against the true wishes of the american people. >> reporter: these men and women say the president's push for military action in syria is based on a lie. >> the obama administration cannot be judge, jury and execution yores. the u.n. inspectors haven't left or made a report and the administration is saying, yes, we must bomb syria. >> reporter: dustin brought his 8-year-old daughter to the protest. >> why are we rushing in. >> nations do bad stuff. we should all just get along. >> reporter: but the president is pushing for military action. the administration is saying it concludes syria's government carried out deadly chemical attacks on its own people. >> we do have to make sure that when countries break international norms on weapons like chemical weapons that could threaten us, that they are held accountable. >> reporter: at least one lawmaker has expressed support. >> we stand up for human rights and we stand for not allowing innocent civilians, including childre
are looking for the next week of august. >> sounds good. see you soon. >>> president obama and familyam will return to the white house h tonight after vacationing on martha's vineyard for the past nine days. the president has kept a low low profile. he was back on the golf courseol today with thef pft the world bank, a fundraiser andaise presidential aid. he did interrupt his vacation to speak out publicly and condemn the violence in egypt. >> 79 people were killed in crashes between police and supporters of former president mohamed morsi saturday raising the death toll to nearly 900 inl the past four days in egypt. e with the violence showing no signses of slowing down, d lawmakers are voicing opinions o on what the united states's rol' should be. fox's brian yenis has the latest. >> reporter: united states givev egypt about $1.5 billion annually. that amount is second to the $3 billion given each year to israel. since the removal of president mohamed morsi and it violent uprising president obama stopto delivering f.-16 jets and canceled joint exercises withiss egypt but has not cut of
barack obama who came here juste ten days before his historic h inauguration as well. a lot of people in washington d.c. when they are making an historic trip here dignitaries as well. nick lar sarkozy was here. they feel like they have to mako a stop at ben's chili bowl. alie passed away four years ago. he was able to witness the restaurant's 50th anniversary and receive a key to the city. so much touchstones here in washington, d.c. right at this t very spot. the celebration begins at 10:000 this morning but i'm told it's going to continue. big street celebration, a party all day long. it's going to go until 7:00 this evening. wisdom and sarah there's a a couple of giveaways, too. lots of things for the public tb be able to participate in here. back to you. >> it should be a fun time. giving away a few half smokes will make people happeny. >> gotta love that. thank you very much, melanie. a birthday tribute to the late chuck brown. >> last year d.c. mayor designated today, august 22, as chuck brown day. they'll deadly part of the langedon park this is at noon today. a lot happening.
from bruce springstein and usher to paul ryan, michelle obama, and women just like you. >> it's a combination of things that are very difficult. oddly enough, as americans we don't mind being challenged. we don't mind working hard. especially in this country, you're stepping it up and getting done and getting fit and staying fit. and that to me says i'm doing my job. dr. oz: can his breakthrough plan reshape your body? well, you say -- and you are famous for helping a lot of folks lose weight but you are argued that you are disappointd with dieters. why? >> when i think of the wrong things, focusing of looking good in that black dress for the reunion which is not about the big picture. what i do with my new food program or px it's focusing on the long term. you can think about 90 days from now but if you eat right today and exercise, you'll feed good today. dr. oz: come ofpblet as long as folks are losing weight. why do you care about the motivation? >> look, there's nothing wrong with looking good. that's part of the puzzle. i'm the first guy to lift up his shirt tat drop of
they would end all u.s. aid. >> president obama returned to washington. he is scheduled to attend a private economic meeting at the white house. >> speaking of the white house, it was the setting for the nation's newest summer block buster. >> at 7:00, let's check out "the butler's" box office. >> how a rec center employee might have saved a man's life. >> we'll have a preview of tonight's monday night match up. time is 7:11. some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof. some things will. save up to 20% on an ikea kitchen. so i decided it was time to find some real harmony with nature. [ screaming ] whoo! oh, yeah. elmo! [ howling ] mmm! [ eagle chirps ] [ train whistles ] [ bird chirping ] [ screaming ] [ tuba bellows ] whoa. hey! [ screaming ] [ snoring ] music to mom's ears. we may live in houses, but we're born for busch gardens.  you're o♪ ♪meout leo! some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof. some things will. save up to 20% on an ikea kitchen. >> isn't she the prettiest student ever? good morning to you, that is diana gab rielle. that is her back to
. >> terrorism investigation. >> meanwhile president obama heads back out on the road and spend two days on a bus tour through new york and pennsylvania promoting ways to make college more affordable. >> legendary comedian bill cosby will be in town at a popular d.c. restaurant. >> of course we are talking about ben's chili bowl. fox 5's melanie alnwick, expert in everything is live in northwest. mel, i am continued to be impressed. i have been here 14 years. >> reporter: about 14 years, allison. >> good morning, you are at ben's what is going on? >> >> reporter: this is the first time i have been to ben's chili bowl. first time i have ever been inside. >> you have arrived. >> reporter: i am going to mark that down as a landmark moment for me. this is a place that has had a lot of landmark visitors. today is another one. joining me now is the son of the original owners. good morning. >> good morning, how are you. >> reporter: every landmark is another reason to celebrate. >> i think so. it is a big part of our history. we have been here so long. we want to celebrate, we still have mom with us and
hundreds around the country. >> as president obama has said, we are reviewi ining every aspef our relationship. >> meanwhile, hosni mubarak could be released later this week. as more continue to die in the streets of egypt -- two dozen off duty policeman were killed execution style. it may not matter in egypt as the saudi foreign minister says they will make up for any loss that occurs. >> former egyptian president hosni mubarak could be released. he faces allegations he and sons face embezzlement charges and killing of 900 protesters that ended his 29-year rule. new at 6:00, he has been sentenced, convicted robber cairo dorsi. he was convicted -- ran from the courtroom. down four flights of stairs, took refuge in the ladies room. >> because of the security measures, if you think you are going to escape from this building, you are not. he is doing a far greater sentence because of his conduct during the trial and the escape. >> he left the women's room and started running, a juror tripped him by sticking out his leg. largest gun bust in new york city history. nypd ceased 200 guns.
dignitaries. >> 1972 miami dolphins finally got their due. >> president obama welcomed super bowl champs to honor their unrivalled nfl defeat. the team never got white house moment, that president, richard nixon was preoccupied with water gate. >> just a tad bit busy to talk about football. among the attendees, coach don shulla and larry zonka. >> president obama: i know some are hard to recognize, they don't have the afros or mutten chops or few man chews. >> see those yellow jackets. historic team gave president obama a signed jersey with the name undefeated with the number 72. >> look at don shulla. >> that is a long time ago. seems like another president would have them in there. >> it is true. >> it is not like the president isn't busy. >> it is 7:19, a wednesday morning. marching the 50th anniversary of the march on washington. >> coming up, finding a home for this guy. holly morris is going to tell us if that is tito or not. she is live with more. >> you know i like a challenge, wisdom. [laughter]  >> 7:23, we are just a few days out from the historic march in
today installing solar panels part ofs the initiative of the obama administration to promote renewable energy.. >> they are regarding federal agency to renew -- meanwhile thh family took in a bike ride during their vacation at martha's vineyard. the president and his oldest daughter mallia, and the first lady were not too far behind. t >>> straight ahead on the edge, it's the new conspiracy theory that people had been thinking about for a long time, and it's been debunked. area 51 h 51 51 declassified. so what went on in there. >> what mike shanahan thoughtshh they got out of the past three weeks. plus gm bruce allen gives us with the controversy between shani and r get 3. >>> ass nation's capital's prepares to commemorate the --te as the nation prepares to commemorate the airplanes of the march, send us information, and hash tag myfoxdc, or load pictures to myfoxdc, and youmyf, have a story or idea, there's the number and e-mail address.  >>> the bikers started out at somerset, pennsylvania thislvant morning. at the flight 93 crash site andn road to the pentagon. the america's 9/
, israel is acting the obama administration to not caught off military aid l to crit pup the u.s. has already suspended delivery of fighter jets last month and canceled a joint exercise set for september. >> unfortunately our options are really reduced at this point. pi who in egypt will protect american interests, keeping suez kabucanal open. i think the answer is, that'ss, the military. >> the egyptian government has threatened to dis-pan the muslii brotherhood after more than 60 people were killed bringing the death toll to well over 900. >>> the edge on marylandd tonight, three people were burned after their boat exslowed at the baltimore yacht club. fire oafts say they were on thee boat at the time and that the explosion sent them fly ug into the water. they were taken to a burn centen with unknown injuries. hazmat crews were called to thee scene after fuel spilled into the water. investigators are working to determine a cause of theause explosion. >>> a news alert tonight, dc police are investigating a faye yacht shooting in east that happened early this morning on the 1500 bloc
. president obama will speak that day on the stepbs of the lincoln memorial. >> we will be covering all of it, karen gray houston, thank you. >>> we are prepared, we are ready and we will provide whatever emergency medical services we are called upon on the 24th and the 28th, if needed. >> city leaders want everyone to know they are ready for the unexpected. fencing is already up around the national mall to keep pedestrian and vehicle traffic moving without safety issues. as for the fire department, we sh-d/ learn more about how the fire department plans to deal with their shortages next week. >>> you may want to give yourself extra time if you are heading to mall for any of the events this weekend. arlington memorial bridge off the g w parkway will be closeed to vehicular traffic saturday from parkway will be closeed to vehicular traffic saturday from 6:00 am memorial circle will remain closed unless it needs to be memorial circle will remain closed unless it needs to be open for >>> there are 3 different ways, e-mail, twitter or facebook. all of the information is there on your screen.
home to agitate. >> reporter: president obama p will deliver a speech on there steps thepe thrin con memorial n wednesday, the actual a anniversary of the march on washington.gton back to you. >>> a reminder you can find f everything you need to knowo about the anniversary and activities on myfoxdc.com. >>> another big story, drama before today's march on washington events got started. s it happened at a dc rally, john henrehan says the organizers did not want farm mayor mar-in barry to speak but the current aid councilman did so anyway. our cameras captured the controversy. take a look. >> reporter: about 500 people gathered at the dc war memorial at the mall to push for the cause of statehood. they heard from the city's c political leadership.eade >> we must no longer be the city that hopes the marchs, but whose denial of our rights are ignored. by the marchs. >> reporter: all know delegate norton holmes may vote in committees, she has no vote on the floor of house and dc has no votes in the senate. city resident, however, pay full federal income taxes. >> every district resident n
business network. thank you as always. >>> president obama is laying out a plan he says could control the cost of college. c speaking from the state university at new york of buffalo, he called for the government to rank colleges on tuition and college graduation a rates and earnings of graduates. >> student graduates and lower n income students will affect the president's rating and they want the ratings system implementedmt before the 2013 school year. >> not enough colleges are working toen figure out how do t control costs and cut back on costs. so all to students. sticks it to families. but also taxpayers end up paying a bigger price. the average student who borrows for colleges graduates owing more than $26,000. t >> over the next two days president obama will talk about college costs with students in new york and pennsylvania. >> a new poll shows racial equality is not yet a reality. >> according to the pugh centerc research study says the u.s. has made substantial progress andst the pollan thinks blacks and th whites generally get along "pretty well." we blacks continue to su
military aid despite claims from a top senator that the aid was stopped. >> president obama met tuesday with senior advisors at the white house including attorneync general eric holderlu and c.i.a. director john brennan. the white house says no final decision has been made however h an aid to senator leahy said he was told quote the transfer of military aid was stopped already by the obama administration. the crackdown on the muslim brotherhood continues in egypts with the arrest of two more leaders. almost a year after the attack on the u.s. consulate in ben ghazi, four state department officials will be back at work. he had that been on paid administrative leave for failures in the attack. a state department report harshly criticized theed t department in which the they worked because of the attack, cited a lack of cooperation and confusion over protection of the ben ghazi consulate. they'll be reassigned to new jobs. >> they witnessed history 500 years ago. a >> straightg ahead hear their unique stake on the march onn washington as the city preparesp for the anniversary celebration.
that i know somebody who knows somebody who knows somebody. i know somebody who knows president obama, president obama knows so-and-so. you are four people away from any human on the earth. four. god can get you anywhere he wants you in a day. in a day. the difference between seasons is one person. do you know myles munroe? >> ossie: yes, sir. >> he and i travel a lot together to preach, and we were on our way to... ghana. so we're in england, we're at the airport and everybody's getting on the plane. he and i are the last ones. we start to get in, go on, and a man comes through the turnstiles and he says, "you know who that is?" and i said, "no." he said that's the number three soccer player in the world." i don't follow soccer, so i said, "wow." and... "'kay." and he walks over, and he hugs myles, and myles said, "i want you to meet mike murdock." and he said, "oh, i know mike murdock." he said, "i've got your books." he said, "hold on, i'll be right back." he rushes out, comes back in, everybody's on the plane. me and myles are standing, waiting to get on the plane. and he comes ou
on time traffic. >> thank you, steve. here is a look at stories making headlines, president obama speaking out for the first time about alleged gas attack in syria. he tells cnn possible weapons attack is big event of great concern. state department cannot verify a gas attack happened near damascus. rebels are still finding bodies and it is in the thousands. more bad news this morning for virginia bob mcdonnell. his job approval rating near an all time low appointing to a new university poll. voters are split saying 42% saying he is trustworthy and 41% saying he is not. wednesday is the anniversary of march on washington. tomorrow thousands expected on national mall for realize rally being let by al sharpton. ♪ >> time for morning line. it maybe only pre-season. there is a lot of pressure going on tomorrow night. you have another outstanding pre-season game monday. redskins have to make cuts from the roster. we are going to talk to junkies coming up later on, redskins and all of those different things that are going on with pre-season and talk about rg3 and london fletcher. >> i am sure
as little as 7. he plans to ask president obama for a pardon. new information about the suspect of tuesday's shooting outside atlanta. people say michael hill was armed with 500 rounds of ammunition. he has a criminal history. >> investigation into amber stanley's death. police went door to door handing out flyers and hopes they remember something the night she was killed. she was starting her senior year at flowers high school and planned to be a doctor. >> julio blanco garcia claims he was high on pcp that he killed here. >> i am not a bad guy. i asked her for a ride. i don't know what happened, that is all i remember. it was too much stopping. i am so sorry. i didn't mean to. >> why are you sorry. >> you know, i have changed my life ever since then, god is not going to forgive what i did. >> garcia charged with murder shortly after that interrogation. >> we are just six days out of the 50th anniversary of the march on washington. >> hundreds attended a church service continuing dr. king's message. jessie jackson was at the march. >> we would like you to send us pictures at mymarchdc@gm
to be a winner. let's talk about obama versus kris jenner. >> kris jenner fighting back at the press. you can have the 10,000 square foot crib. yo, this battle is ill as swine flu. >> hand crack, tell me, what happened with oprah, and wow. >> oprah's luck is the worse. she tried to go to switzerland just to buy a purse. tell me what this crazy old broad did. she tried to say oprah couldn't afford it. i guess she didn't recognize her face. come on, she got money, she got boom inside her pocket. richest lady in the world. you should have recognized her, the most famous girl. >> have you ever had corn on the cob, ashton kutcher kept saying the word job. >> he won the teen choice award so effortless, but he kept sending the subliminal messages. nobody knew what was going on. they were wondering what the heck was wrong. >> looks like the world is coming to an end. >> there's a lot of guys posing for the scene called boudoir. but you know what drove photos crazy, taken by j.c. >> can we take that back? can we do that again? >> moving on. >> ooh! >> rap of the week! >> yeah! >> exercise your thumb.
obama has vowed to makeae appropriate forms. >> metro changes for the anniversary.annive a fay more actor was inside thit car before it looked like this.. find out who it was, and how he got out to safely.y >> we got farm, and sunny and sa bright and warm day. d. julie has traffic coming up after the break up pir 8 1k30*erbgs we have beeb at 70. rather cool, with the cloudhelo cover across the area yesterday. >> unusual.>> unu >> so, a couple days warmup and, more back into more comfortablee air by this weekend. this fog is getting to be veryy dense, and you work up 81 theree in the mountains, some very se heavy fog. and out into the parts of west virginia as well. wel so, fog advisory for just about everything. eastern shore until 10:00, andnd we'll get involved, in the pushp to the east over the next hour or so. particularly, if you are wakingg up in the west. w >> here's the visibility, and ia showed you the fog. visibility of number.um so that's some fog. and culpepper, .3 after mile, m, and, win chester down to .3 of a mile. mile very heavy fog.og and watch the push to the
victims. president obama now weigh options including military action. fox has the details. >> we learn syrian regime allowing u.n. inspectors just outside of the city on monday, where alleged chem wall were deployed, old abaum administration and international community is says it is too little too late. senior administration official says the regime delay tells officials that they are intentionally delaying inspection to hide evidence of chemical weapons. invite lacks credibility much of the evidence has been corrupted. oh, what is if anything will president make? well inform decision about how to respond while some say, it is time to act now. we could even destroy the syrian air force if we wanted to. i sent letter to chairman joint to ask what kind of oplsz can we do. i just think that we have to move and we have to move quickly. >> according to senior u.s.ty fence official four destroy verse been positioned. yet no decision yet about what these ships will do. president pwaeupl, had a asked defence departments to praoepb options. for all con continuing again sees. we have done that.
obama said beau could use more doggy interaction with sunny. >> right. she is super cute. >> she needs a little bow. >> the front is different. beau has white marks. >> all right. >> super cute. >> they are so fuzzy. i have never seen a portuguese wat wat waterdog in person ult. >> i don't think they shed. that is a bonus. >> let's do the weather. we have dense fog advisory for the west of the chesapeake. this is picking up fog west minister, haguers town for a good chunk of the morning. south and west of the city, visibility is greatly reduced. julie has been showing traffic there. things will gradually improve as we get into our day. highs in the upper 80s. current visibility, fog not an issue. check out manassas, 0 visibility. one-third of a mile in culpeper. haguers town and fredrick, one-third of a mile. it may slow your travel. 69 washington, 61 in gaithersburg. 63 leonard town. mid 60s annapolis. high pressure and southerly breeze allow humidity and heat to return. both today, tomorrow and thursday feature more heat and humidity. it will be back this weekend and we are going to
response with republican congressman of new york and senator rumenthal of connecticut. >>> the obama is forced to play defense. >> this is no longer a political debate. this is what we call the law. >> the president claims that this law is working the way it is supposed to. but clearly it is not. >> we'll ask our sunday panel about the political hall out. all right here on fox news sunday. >> more tough questions for the nsa after the washington post reported this week that the agency violated policy rules. >> nation's most secretive spy agency intercepted e-mails and calls during that time and did not report the unauthorized surveillance. joining us with reaction is senator rand paul. senator, welcome back to fox news sunday. good to be with you. >> good morning. >> it was a little more than a week ago that the president insisted to the american people that there was oversight of the program and there was no talk of abuses. >> what you are not reading about is, the government actually abusing these programs. and listening in on people's phone calls or reading people's e-mails. what
over cite anoversight and compl efforts. >> reporter: today's report comes after president obamaent a calls for more transparency. trp it's ignited the privacy debate. a poll found that 47 to 41% margmargin, more voters found tt the surveillance does more to hurt americans, than it does to help track down terrorists. after this report, the judiciary chairman plans to hold another hearing on the nsa surveillancel program. >>> three weeks after thethe lincoln memorial was vandalizedd with that green paint, the cleal is now complete. crews washed off the rest of tho pain this morning. a woman charged with defacingng chapels at the national cathedral with green paint ispat also a suspect in the vandalism of the lincoln memorial andal other sites.r we still haven't heard about any motive behind the vandalism. >>> preliminary tests result show blue-green algae is to blame for the fish kill on theko national mall. about 1,000 fish were found dead. experts say the algae only posey a threat to fish, not to people, not to animals, the nationalim park service is working toal cot up with a sol
yesterday. born a year ago in june. born in michigan. obamas say the puppy's name comes from her cheerful personality. first family made a donation to national humane's society in washington in her honor. >> how about the royal family? first official portrait, baby george! they were released by kingston palace since prince george's birth. prince william says he is a little bit of a rascal. >> who is this? >> break with our tradition. they were not taking by a palace photographer. guess who took the picture? kate's father. >> this isn't the official photo. >> i don't know how he did it with the sun in the back. it is royalty, maybe. >> it is her father, he took the picture. he is used to taking the pictures of his daughter all the time. he is a pro. >> see the garden. >> do we call that a garden? [laughter]. >> it is like madison square garden. >> we are looking brighter, warmer and more humid. highs upper 80s to 90 at 4:00, 5:00 p.m. after a couple of days in the 70s it is going to be warm. still dealing with fog particularly to the south and west, manassas, culpeper, work down 29 to i-6
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